I’m MariaMichelle’lee

Changing lives, one hug at a time.

My goal in life is to “wake up’ all women, who struggle to find their true valued potential in being BOLD, INSPIRED & TRANSFORMED !

Life Motivator

I am enthusiastic about this thing we call life and how we choose to LIVE it! Being a life Motivator,  I have the pleasure of being your CHEERLEADER, your CHALLENGER and your COACH. I am the one that will keep you going long after the hype is over.

Inspirational Speaker

Latin inspirare “blow into, breathe upon,” figuratively “inspire, excite, inflame,” from in- “in” (from PIE root *en “in”) + spirare “to breathe”
I live to INSPIRE, people to reach great heights to achieve their GOALS on deeper level, to BREATHE or blow out words of ENCOURAGEMENT, INSPIRATION and EMPOWERMENT. 

Many of us long to break free from the “People Pleaser Mentality,” which has been keeping us in bondage for YEARS! -Moreover, as much as we want to let go, we struggle with ” What Would Others Think of Me.” Well, YOUR BREAKTHROUGH is here…

I have a few questions for you..

Are you ready to live your best life?

Are you ready to stand tall in your truth?

Are you ready to break off what's breaking you?

Then it’s time to become the BEST YOU,

and I am here to help!

One to One Coaching

Is it time to get out of your own way? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired, saying yes to everyone else except yourself?

During this online MOTIVATION session, you will find the break-though you need to level up and embrace your TRUTH! Saying YES to what you do want out of life and NO to the things you don’t! Learn how to renew your mind and begin to capture and achieve your goals, through manifestation, affirmation, and ACTION.

Changing Lives Workshops

Virtual and In-person mentorship programs for women, who want to be Empowered Inspired and Transformed.

Workshops offered:

*Mirror Work Workshop
(In Person)
*Vision Board Workshop (In Person or Online


An Inspirational Speaker who fully embraces the power of story to motivate, inspire and transform the lives of others.

Combining her personal life experience, with over ten years of empowering others, Maria is best known for her ability to boost women out of their self-doubting beliefs, and challenge them to regain their power within, and push to greatness.

Speaking Topics:
*Becoming Perfectly Imperfect
*The Red Bottom Shoe Syndrome- What Keeping up with The Joneses can really cost you.
*People Pleasers Never Win-The Power of NO!

About Me

I am an Inspirational speaker, Motivational game changer, who aspires to transform and encourage the lives of others. This Inspirational Speaker and Life Motivator is a mover and shaker, for those living a complacent and unfulfilled life.


Maria is a true blessing, she’s raw and doesn’t give you fluff. She tells you like it is…in love. She has helped me to get out of my head so I can focus on my goals. She’s authentic and genuine. What I love the most are the challenges she gives me, they push me to see beyond what I thought I could accomplish…they push me to accomplish more. If you want to be more and live a full life…she’s definitely the coach you need to help you get there.

Kim-Ann Wilson

22 Jun 2018 , Founder Support A Savvy Sistah (SASS)

Maria has been an incredible mentor to me in my personal life, as well as in business. With every interaction with her she leaves you inspired to be the best version of yourself. She lifts you up, gives it to you straight, and encourages you to grow. My honest belief is that everyone needs a Maria Michelle in their life!

Nikki Smith

4 Jun 2018, Founder Sculpt Barre

As a coach, Maria is able to compartmentalize our friendship and her coaching abilities, which allows her to be even more effective. Maria has mentored me over the last few years, specifically on my career path. Showing me how to TRULY use my natural skills & abilities for finance to make a difference, how to be focused and to always get back up when there’s a setback. Maria knows how turn to any bad situation into an opportunity. As a coach, motivational speaker and business woman, I couldn’t have asked for more as a life coach. Maria is a blessing to anyone who is open to hear and speak their truth! To move from mediocre to exceptional & extraordinary. Anyone who wants to stop believing the lies they’ve been told, knowing that they can be more! Maria has been that for me!

Stacey Ann Brown

4 Jun 2018, Debt Free Financial Coach

Don’t Wait Any Longer.

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My goal in life is to “wake up” those who struggle to see the true value and potential in themselves. I specialize in coaching women on gaining a sense of independence and embracing the concept of self-reliance.

I offer my support to help women get their GROOVE BACK and guidance on how to BE BOLD, in mind, body and spirit. I strongly believe that every women on earth, has the right for a second chance and to succeed at their dreams!

Tel: 780-717-6478