I have wanted to start this blog for so long, but I would always talk myself out of it, by coming up with the dumbest excuses like, “I don’t know how to start a blog,” “how do I include the aesthetics.” “what should I blog about”? Then I realized how ridiculous I was being and decided to get over myself and write.

This platform is a space to inspire those who may need it. Blogging and vlogging are the creative places that bring me joy, as my topics will come from a place of power, love and inspiration. I look forward to sharing empowerment and encouragement; inviting my readers to come on journey with me to think bigger, live large and not care what others will say. As I provide you with the best of what I got..I hope that these blogs will inspire you to get over yourself, give the best of what you’ve got, to go after your goals and dreams!